Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
The Streetsboro Heritage Foundation wishes to thank Patty Ellick for coming up from Muskingum Co and doing a fantastic job of photographing another event for us.
Dean Olson gets help from Darryl Bly setting up his 2 teepees.
Nancy & Bob Carter set up a demonstration making "church dolls"
The Streetsboro Lions Club provided delicious hot food!
Jerry Guyette from Guyette Farms of Mantua sets up his table selling honey and maple syrup.  His bees were a real eye-catcher! 
People checked out the bees while Barb Fleming watches Laura Holen making a rug on her loom.
Yes that 65 year old hair dryer still works!  And the light does too!
The girls worked on something "new"- making paper dolls!!
Dean Olson's teepees were quite beautiful.
The kids loved playing in the teepees.
Betty Defer sits in one of two antique cars owned by Gay Shope.
Elwood Howitt brought his 1930 Model T
Dean Olson explains the art of making arrowheads; Sarah Fast explaining the purpose of the heating stone; Laura Holan demonstrates her rug making.