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Streetsboro's Grange Hall
Streetsboro's Grange Hall was built in the 1880's.  Folks in the area contributed trees from their farms, which were taken to the sawmill and made into lumber for the mill.  Others contributed carpentry skills and other work to build the sturdy hall.  

For many years- in fact, until quite recently Streetsboro ranked among the best and most actice Granges in the county.

Taken from "Grange Closes Doors     Signals End Of An Era In Once-Rural Township" Record Courier October 2, 1958
Streetsboro Centennial Play at the Grange Hall
Cast of characters typed from memory.  Picture and identifications made by Mrs. Ethel Jahn (1913-2009)
The Grange Hall was on State Route 43.  The picture on the left  is the building facing north and the picture on the right shows the building facing south.
1926   George and Thomas Myers in front of Grange Hall.  George "Jr" was a marine in WWII and the Korean War.  He died in 1981 and is buried in Arizona.
1926    Miss Gordon, 7th and 8th grade teacher Streetsboro Twp school. (not visible in the picture)
Record-Courier, Ravenna-Kent, Ohio
Monday May 16, 1957
ALTERATIONS-- Members of the Streetsboro Grange have been working "overtime" lately remodeling the Grange Hall into a gymnasium for school children.
Overcrowding in the school has compelled school officials to seek the help of Grangers.
Working on the project are, on the floor, from left, Ray Steffner, Herman Tudor, foreman of the project, Earl Root and Charlie Stemple, on ladder, the Grange Master.
Centennial play held at the Grange Hall
Christmas Party 1920
held at the Grange Hall
(it looks like these high school students had put on a play)
bottom row:
Reginald Fleshman, Hazel Corbett, Royal Cob, Lois Rogers, Clara Cobb, Elmer Robenstine, Cletus Corbett.

second row:
Helen Oesch, Dayle Doolittle, Clark Ferguson, Ardis Burroughs, Keith Hannum, Louise Fenton, Joe Bauer, Gladys Ferguson, Arlene Burroughs, Owen Sandercock.

third row:
Dillworth McGrew, Mae Howard, Paul Lewis, Alice Fleshman, Arlene Burroughs, ??, Lyda Straight, Clarence Cobb, George Witzaman.

top row:
William Oesch, Sandy Sandercock, Carl Turk
These Centennial pictures AND MORE are on display at the Museum.  Come in and see!