Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
O.E. (Othniel Elliott) Hannum and his family left Massachusetts settled in Streetsboro in 1835. 

He had an older sister named Juliaette who arrived here before him in 1833 with her husband Cyrus Alexander Stowell, also from Massachusetts. 

Othniel  had a younger sister too who traveled from Massachusetts and settled in Streetsborough, Ohio.  

     At age 21, Martha Hannum wrote home to her father Othniel Hannum Sr (1778-1863) about life as a teacher, working with her 12 scholars in a school just down the road from her brother's house.  That school was conducted in the Singletary House which is now our museum....
This is the letter written by Martha Hannum (1816-1989) to her father in South 
Deerfiled Massachusetts.

Notice there is no postage stamp., just 25 written in the top right corner.  The receiver of the letter had to pay the postage which was determined by the distance it traveled.
Othniel Elliott Hannum and his family, Streetsboro, 1865.
standing (l-r):
Charles,  Harriet, George & Martha

sitting (l-r):Othniel, Henry, Juliana, & Marion

Othniel & Juliana had an older son who died in the Civil War in 1863.  He is buried in the Streetsboro Cemetery.
Amos Elliott Hannum

This is Janet Hannum Dunlap.  She worked for many years as a secretay in the Streetsboro High 

She lives on the property that her great-grandfather Othniel Elliott Hannum once farmed.

Her grandfather (pictured above) was Charles Hannum.  (1851-1937)

Martha Hannum (also pictured above) wrote that letter to Janet's great-great-grandfather back in 1837.
The Hannum family was one of the many "first" families of Streetsboro.  

But they were more than that...

They are the reason this website is here.  And they are also the reason the Streetsboro Heritage Foundation is alive and well in the Singletary House Museum.

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