Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
"These items were never found in this house when it was new!"
​Volunteer Sarah Fast gives a history lesson to a large group of very young but BRIGHT kids.
A group of children from New Adventures Early Learning Center spent the day at the Singletary House having some summer fun!
"Can anyone guess why Milk Bones were not something you would have found in Mr. Singletary's house?"
Most kids don't even think about the fact that dogs were not fed kibble that spilled out of a bag.
"No it isn't a large coffee cup..."
I knew I had a group of 24 kids coming in so rather than give all of them a tour of the house I had some interesting artifacts set out for them to see on a table in the library.

Explaining the dynamics involving the use of chamber pots, and outhouses, and the seasonal baths is always fun and interesting!
If you or your group would be interested in a tour, please call!  All tours are free!!

As a retired Social Studies teacher, Sarah Fast is able and eager to give group or individual tours of the Singletary House Museum.
Spending a Day with Great Kids!
"Yes that is a very old typewriter"
We spent a few minutes in the Edwardian Room looking at the old telephone switchboard, a woman's bathing suit from 1900, and pictures of John Singletary and his wife.
Lunch !
"Marbles is a very very old game"
We learned how to play marbles!  Fun was had by all!