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The Judd farm
The home in which James Terrell Judd was born in in 1838 still stands on State Route 303.  
James married Hulda Derthick on January 26th, 1864 and they raised five children in this house.
The Judd farm in the early 1880's

James Terrell Judd 1838-1908 & his wife Hulda Derthick 1839-1907

(1) Nellie Judd 1865-1947 (married Charles Loomis in 1886)
(2) Carrie Judd 1868-1949 (married Edward Elliman in 1890)
(3) Myrtie Judd 1870-1965 (married Harlan Hinman in 1894)
(4) Addie Judd 1877-1913 (married Robert Stewart in 1898)
*she is standing next to her little brother
(5) Clayton Orrin Judd 1879-1962 (married Stella Bissell in 1902) 
*he is the baby in the chair
Heading east on State Route 303 when it was a narrow dusty road.
Judd family 1880's (l-r)

Carrie Judd (Elliman)
Addie Judd (Stewart)
mother Hudah (Derthick) Judd
Myrtie Judd (Hinman)
Nellie Judd (Loomis)
Clayton Orrin Judd
father James Terrell Judd
Clayton Orrin Judd and his wife Stella Mae Bissell
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