Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
9143 & 9145 SR 14 Streetsboro, Ohio
Sisters Helen & Ethel Kimes lived in this side-by-side home with their husbands and children.  Joe & Helen Pesicek lived on the left side, Bill & Ethel Jahn lived on the right side.  The home was built in 1941 and was moved to Page Rd many years later where it still stands.
In 1941 this home for the Pesicek family (left side) and the Jahn family (right side) was built.  Today the Streetsboro Wendy's occupies this spot.
William Jahn 1913-1986 & Ethel Kimes 1913- 2009
William Jahn, Helen Kimes, Joe Pesicek
Joe & Helen Pesicek on their wedding day.
Helen Kimes (1916- 2002)
 July 4th, 1940 picnic in the square; William & Ethel Jahn seen at left were renting the Brugmann house.  The Wilcox house is seen behind him. Jennie Kimes, mother to Ethel & Helen sits at the head of the table in print dress.