Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
September 2009

The Singletary House Museum is moved for a second time.  
September 2010 
The Singletary Museum before sidewalks and grass are put in.
Saved at the last moment from destruction the historic Streetsboro House begins its journey to a new location one and four tenths of a mile away.  The Singletary House will serve as home to Henry and Betty Defer.
June 2012
The photographer was sitting in the parking lot behind the house, looking east toward Singletary Drive.
June 2012
Streetsboro's Singletary House Museum

The Defer family save the house from being torn down as a Red Barn goes into its place in the center of town.
This back side of the house faced east.

This is the back side of the house today as it faces east on Singletary Drive.

After a couple of years doing restoration, the Defer family move into their home.
These photos show the home being moved in 1971 and 2009!