Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
POP'S TRUCK STOP "Landmark of Hungry Truckers"
Pop's was established in 1948 by Irving "Pop's" & Estelle Fortnjoff. It became one of Streetsboro's best-known landmarks, operating 24 hours a day, year-round, except for Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.
In addition to serving hot meals, there were "yards" of glass display cases filled with everything imaginable!  They sold billfolds, shaving supplies, lighters, car deodorizers, handkerchiefs and books.
This lighter once owned by Bill Jahn is again in a glass display case inside the Singletary House Museum.
This aerial view of Pop's is guessed to be from the late 1950's.  It shows the cabins in the back as well as the porch area in front before it was enclosed.
This cabin served as a gas station at Pop's Truck Stop until it was moved to Pennsylvania and used as a cabin for hunters.  It is visible in the picture above, just to the left of Pop's.
Pop's Truck Stop in 1965 with a view of SR 14  as a two-lane road, looking west.
Pop's was a family business as Irving's wife Estelle handled the cooking while her sons Harvey (1919-1984) and twins Monte (1922-1980) & Chet (1922- 2007)helped their dad operating the business.
Monte (Monroe) Fortnoff last worked at Pop's in 1968 and then was a Portage County sheriff's deputy.
Chet (Chester) began working at the truck stop in 1966.
Alan Fortnoff, Harvey's son worked at Pop's Truck Stop from 1971-1978.
Chet's son Dean also helped out from 1973- 1978.
Harvey Fortnoff and his brother Chet were running Pop's when this photo appeared in the Streetsboro-Mantua Record News in April, 1974.  The building was supposed to be razed to make way for what was going to be an "ultra new Pop's."
The business closed in 1978 which saddened the truck stop's large following.  The building was razed sometime later.