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Four generations of the Root family in Streetsboro
Alonzo Root (1803-1843); father to Wallace Root (1830-1907); father to Ernest Combs Root (1853-1930); father to Earl Alonzo Root (1883-1960).
(1) Alonzo Root was born in 1803 in Shalersville.  In 1826 he married Susan Streater, the first wedding in Streetsboro.
The newspaper clipping was from The Ohio Star, Ravenna:
estray; domestic animal found wandering or lost
(2) Wallace Root was born in Streetsboro in 1830 where he married Lucy Ann Combs.  

Their oldest son Ernest Combs Root was born in 1853 in Streetsboro where he too remained his entire life. 
(3) Ernest Root married Emma McGrew whose family owned many acres on State Route 303.  Ernest and Emma lived in this house, a Queen Anne style built in 1880, which still stands at 1733 SR 303.
(4) Earl Alonzo Root was the second child born to Ernest and Emma Root.  According to the 1922 census he and his wife Effie Kent (pictured) were living in the old Root farmhouse that he was born in. 
1961 Record-Courier, Ravenna-Kent, O.
Township square is empty only because landowner Earl A Root deeded it that way.   Just east and west are truck stops and service stations.  Arnold's Village Store, a landmark, is the white building on the left.

Earl Root had a younger sister named Lucy, born in 1889.  Lucy married Harvey Tresh and they lived in the dark colored house to the right of Arnold's.
Slateboard  inscribed with "SS Root" on  displayed at  the Singletary House Museum.
1922 Streetsboro Centennial Parade
On the left is Grace Doolittle, and Lucy Root is sitting next to her.
September 1960