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Streetsboro Center Maps 1874 & 1900
Streetsboro Center 1874
Streetsboro Twp 1900
Town Hall is the smaller building on the right.  As you can see on the map it sat on the corner of State Route 14 and 43.  It's hard to believe this dusty corner has changed to what it is today.

Streetsboro's Town Hall burned in 1920 so this picture was taken sometime before that.

Progress Hall School (on the left) was built in the 1860's.  More about it on the "Schools" page coming soon.
This map shows the Presbyterian Church standing next to the Singletary House. (red dot)

Across the Hudson & Cleveland Road (RT 14) stands the Methodist Church. (blue dot)
The green dot represents The Methodist Society, a plain wood chapel built by Alanson Wilcox (1812-1862) sometime between 1835-1840.  

It was sold to the Knights of the Maccabees in 1899.  They were the 2nd largest beneficieary organization in the country.  

Some time later the K.O.T.M sold it to Elmer E Gordon who moved it to the rear of his property!

see map below....
Streetsboro Twp 1922

The green dot represents where Maccabees Hall was in 1900

The red dot represents the area Elmer Gordon moved it to on his property.