Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
Streetsboro's Methodist Church established 1851, was a Baptist Church at first.  By 1899 many of the Baptists had either died or moved from town.  The remaining Baptists then turned the church building over to the Methodist Society.  After repairing and refurbishing the church and adding a 3-roomed basement, the chuch was rededicated to the Methodists on Sunday September 10th, 1899.
The small glass panes shown in these windows can be viewed at the Singletary House Museum.  Each of the 3 pictures below are of the Methodist Church before the tornado came through in May, 1956.  This tornado destroyed the steeple which was not rebuilt until the church moved to Hale Farm in 1971.  The middle picture shows the old home (to the left of the church) belonging to Abby Patterson who was born there in 18776.  Notice in the 3rd picture the sign to the left side of the building, "Methodist Church".
Choir practice 1950's

back row, left - right:
Lowell Spencer, Thomas Showman, David Thomas, Russell Sholle

2nd row, left- right:
-?-, Marguerette Heritage, -?-, Myrtle Mainwaring, Mary Spencer, -?-, Annette Thomas, Helen Steffner, Lela Cowan

choir director- Eugene Glick, organ player -?-

Picture donated by Janet Sholle Mayer, daughter of Russell Sholle & neice to David and Annette Thomas.  Thanks Janet!
This newspaper clipping shows the missing steeple from the church, the fire station to the right, and the Streetsboro Memorial in front .  The memorial went up in 1943 to honor local men who were off fighting in WWII.
Wise School was overflowing by 1957 when this picture was taken.  Children work in this makeshift classroom while men work to make it a more suitable place.