Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
A number of persons, desiring the organization of a church, met at the home of David Lane on January 14th, 1833.
This church or "Baptist Meeting House" as it was called, was dedicated on June 29th, 1837.  It was built by Daniel Johnson who also built the first school in 1826. (see "schools" page)  Reverend Ithamar Chapman was the first to preach here.  He also taught at a "select" school in this church.   This church became a Presbyterian Church on January 28th, 1874.
These two pictures probably date to the 1880-1890's.  They were both property of Mrs. Ethel Jahn who was a neice to Sam Rogers  (1873-1939).

The home to the right of the Presbyterian Church belonged to the Ferguson family.

Note the baseball players in the lower right corner.
The following document was taken from "A Brief History of the Pioneers and Early Settlers of Streetsboro, Ohio" written by Emma McGrew Root in 1922.

She explains how it was decided that this old church was to come down and the Methodist Parsonage was built in its place.

Undated photo of Presbyterian Church, and part of the Ferguson house in the background.

The twin girls are Alleda (1905- 1983) & Arlene Burroughs (1905- 1963), daughters of Harry Burroughs.

Alleda Burroughs married Lloyd Eldridge in 1928.

To the left of the church was the Brewster home.  The Singletary House was at this time Martin Porter's farm, which was to the left of the Brewster hom.  The Porter family bought the Singletary property before 1894, and the Singletary family moved to Denver, Colorado.