Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
World War II Memorial
"Distinctive- doorway detail of the old Singletary house is unique in Streetsboro.  It has caused architectural attention nationally, since its design in 1926 and is one of the nation's most photographed doorways." 
The memorial as it looked in 1958.  Behind it stood Abby Patterson's home, the Methodist church and the fire department.
The same area shown in 1964.  Notice the church steeple missing from these 2 pictures.  It was destroyed in a tornado that hit the area in 1956.
"DOORWAY COPY- Streetsboro memorial honor roll for its war service men and women was constructed in 1943 and reproduces exactly the design of the famed Singletary house doorway across the street."
Methodist Church visible on the right side, memorial is in front of the church, separated by bushes, side view of the Singletary house is visible diagonally across the street through the trees.  The old school is in the upper left hand corner of the picture which dates the photograph to between 1943-1950.