Streetsboro Heritage Foundation
Closs Antiques
1946- 1971
Closs Antiques as it sat facing State Route 14
Mr. Closs, his wife Catherine Gavin Closs, and their children lived in the beautiful old house at the center of town from 1947-1971.
Carlton A Closs (1907-1990) bought the second oldest home in the Western Reserve in 1945.  After extensive restoration he opened Closs Antiques in 1947.
Carl Closs owner and operator of the nationally-famous antique shop in Streetsboro, carefully works on restoration of a solid cherry fireplace constructed around 1870.
Closs Antiques photo dated December 1965
This photo was taken from an article written in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, dated March 11, 1956.  

  • Streetsboro, village of about 400... may soon be one of the fastest growing communities in the state.

  • "I can remember when some of the best farms here brought $50 an acre..."

  • "The roads, the community and our way of life have changed but one thing has not.  That is our village park.  Nothing has even been built on it and nothing ever will."

Click the link above to read the rest of the Cleveland Plain Dealer article.  Many interesting quotes by Earl Root, a Streetsboro Township Trustee for 30+ years.