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Going To School In Streetsboro, Ohio
This photo was loaned to us by Janet Hannum Dunlap.  Her father Ray Hannum is the teacher pictured in this photo which dates to 1898-1899.  Moran School (school #3) was  located in the Streetsboro Corners area (see map).  The original school was built in 1826 by Daniel Johnson and the area was known then as Johnson's Corners.
Eighteen year-old Clarinda Case was the first teacher back in 1826.  Daniel Johnson who owned a sawmill built the school and sent 5 of his children there.  The other 3 students in the class were Clarinda's younger sibings.

Clarinda married Alvin Loomis in 1827 who was "Overseer of the Poor" at that time.  Click the link below to read a description of what Alvin did.
Progress Hall, the school building on the left, was built in the 1860's.  It was privately financed by the Ladies Aid Society.  This one-room school was one the second floor and students entered by using outside stairs.  It was the 1st frame schoolhouse built in the center of town.  Along with building to the right which was city hall, the school and all its contents burned to the ground.
September 17, 1955
Oldest Streetsboro Man
 'Chipper' at 96
Oldest Resident- Celebrating his 96th birthday Friday night was the oldest resident in Streetsboro, Eugene W Plum.   Still in good health he is a rabid Indians fan who lived long before the baseball sport reached its popular heights.
click Eugene Plum link (above) to read September 1957 article 
     The old Streetsboro school which doubtlessly holds many fond memories for Streetsboro residents of their childhood days, is now being systematically torn down by the Baker Construction Company.
     With the new school building in the rear, the old structure had outlived its usefullness, after serving the Streetsboro children for approximately 50 years, according to Cecil Haas, president of the Streetsboro board of education.  The construction company officials said that within the next 10 days all traces of the former school would be gone.
     Streetsboro elementary students will attend classes in the new school building, while high school students will go to Aurora.  Plans originally called for high school students to also attend the new school, but the state revoked thge charter for a Streetsboro high school.

Streetsboro High School diploma belonged to Ruth Essig, on display in the museum.
Ruth was a 1903 graduate.
Streetsboro Twp. school
Ruth Essig Rautenberg
1884- 1964
Erving Wood Nighman
1864- 1939
A custodian for the Streetsboro Twp. school.
Helen Gordon (1899- 1993)
Daughter of Elmer Gordon, 7th & 8th grade teacher at the Streetsboro Twp. school.  That is the Grange Hall in the background.
Ethel Kimes Jahn took this picture with her Brownie camera.  She was 13 years old at the time.
Neva B Tom (1896- 1932)
Ethel also took this picture of Streetsboro Twp.'s 5th & 6th grade teacher outside of the school building.
1929 Streetsboro Twp. School & Staff: 
 Arthur Neu, Superintendent, Manual Arts, Sociology, Economics; Margaret Hubbell: History & English; Mrs. Lois Bowers: Latin & Home Economics; Nora Dennis, Bookkeeper, Commercial Arithemetic; Mrs. Mildred Balderson: 5th & 6th grades; Mrs. Gladys Eldridge: 3rd & 4th grades; Corrinne Waite, 1st & 2nd grades
Streetsboro Twp. School 
class of 1940
May 16, 1960
Record-Courier, Ravenna-Kent, Ohio
Streetsboro PTA, Students Honor Popular Teacher
Wise School
The new $120,000 Streetsboro school designed by Architect C G Kistler, Kent, is expected to be completed in February, Fred Swasey, principal, has announced.  The building constructed by P L Frank Construction Co., Ravenna, will have eight classrooms, a cafeteria and a gymnasium and auditorium combined.  Twenty thousand dollars worth of equipment will be purchased for the 12-grade school.
Construction started in October.
March 10, 1957
Streetsboro Bus-       Bus is the word for the new 73-passenger school bus which was added to the Streetsboro Local School District Tuesday afternoon.
     The transit type bus features a pusher-motor located in the rear.  It cost more than $#12,000, and is reportedly the first and largest of its type in Portage County.
     The bus is expected to be put into operation Monday when it will be used to shuttle students between housing projects and the school.  Driver of the bus will be Eugene Yoder.
      Going overf an operating manual , left to right, are Richard Myers a representative of the Myers Equipment Corp. of Canfield, O.; Fred Cover, principak of Streetsboro school; Merrill Wise, member of the board of education and chairman of the transportation committee and Don Stanley, representative of the White Motor Co. of Akron.  Looking out the driver's window is Eugene Yoder.
     As if to let no one forget the size, a title is painted on the bus.  Its name: Jumbo.
August 23, 1962
     Dennis Heritage, a sixth grader this year at the Streetsboro Wise Elementary is all set to go back to school, as this photo indicates.  Dennis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Heritage, 8707 SR 14, Streetsboro, obviously is making sure that he'll be ready for just about anything when the acedemic onslought begins in the next few weeks in the Portage area.   
     Being a good student, Dennis realizes the life of a scholar should not be completely marked by heavy books.  Note that he has carefully included the necessary equipment for baseball, which will come in handy during the breaks between his studies.  Dennis is 11.
Ruth Essig Rautenberg in 1962
Restaurant /snack bar on RT 43 across from Wise School.  Ida Pierce opened it in 1927.
June 29th, 1961
Briar Root School buildings are still visible at the corner of SR 303 and Page Rd.  These buildings today are apartments.
pictures from the Akron Beacon Journal    October 6th, 1957
Wise Elementary School was designed for 240 students.  By 1957 there were 540 enrolled in the school.  Four classrooms had been added, one shown to the left.  Seventy-two children are also in classrooms in the basement of the Methodist Church.  The picture shown above is a 3rd grade classroom working with construction going on right behind them.